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Our community wants to raise the issues of hate & extremism and aware people of the crime which happens in our neighbourhood. We aim to address these issues in front of our community as well as law so our brothers and sisters can live in a violence-free safe environment. We work to generate harmony and to redevelop humanity by our ideologies and programs.
What I like about the community is that everyone is united and help each other out with any issues that they face in their lives. We work towards protecting each other's rights and respect everyone's lives equally.
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Hate & Extremism

Law & Government

Research & Insight

Our team works in finding out the flaws in your society and address such issues to make people know more about their rights and limitations of their power over anyone else’s life

National Security Studies

We keep our team informed about their security and safety by our study programs on National Security Studies.

Civil Society Networks

Our civil society network promotes the ideals of volunteerism, humanitarian cooperation and developmental actions through modern strategies and methods.

Business Adminstration

Our workshops and manufacturing industries provide employment as well as internships to learn new things. We are more than community service and have a solid foundation for all our expenses.

Communication & Technology

We progress to develop our communication throughout the world to create connections with different communities, share our experiences and learn from each other.

Criminal Justice

We abide by all the laws and orders of our state and have full support from the police department and well as the state court to put forth our issues and demands.

Reaserch & Data

The Violent Consequences of Mainstreamed Extremism

Learn about why extremism is not meant to grow in society and how we can eradicate it with each other’s support and the power of law and order.

The Management of Terrorist Content

Terrorism has no place in society and no matter what it should always be taken care of with extreme justice. At the same time, the blame game should be avoided to safeguard the innocents.

Propaganda and Digital Campaigning in the EU Elections

The latest technology and communication means to organise much more organised campaigns for our agendas.

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When should I repair vs. replace my chipped windshield?

If you’re trying to determine whether it is better to repair the chipped windshield or have the windshield replaced completely, there’re some different factors to consider. The impact that the spoil has on visibility and the capability to safe driving the car is the most vital criteria. Then, the size and depth, location of the chip are also weighed when determining the finest solution is for the damaged chipped windshield.

What is the ideal way to fix my windshield?

It can be tough to decide what the finest way to fix it is; here is the quick guide to help determine the finest course of action for a chipped windshield.

When should I repair vs. replace my chipped windshield?

Can be repair windshield if:

  • Fixing the damage will not decrease the safety of the vehicle in case of collision or impact
  • The windshield crack is shorter than 12” or the chip or bulls eye is smaller than 1”
  • Only the outer layer of the windshield is damaged
  • The chip or crack is not close to the outer margin of the windshield

Should be Replaced windshield if:

  • The glass is damaged to the point that it impairs the car driver’s visibility
  • The crack is longer than 14” or the chip and the bull eyes are bigger than three inches
  • The inside layer of the windshield has also been broken
  • The damage is near or reaches an edge or corner of the glass.

Key factors related to windshield repair vs. Replace


As with all problems in the auto world, safety is the most vital concern. Though it is generally not harmful to drive with a broken windshield for a short space, it’d be repaired/replaced as soon as possible. The glass is engineered as a main component in the framework integrity of the car, but the windshield is weakened by damage. If the car is involved in an accident, a broken glass cannot provide the intended level of safety to the driver and passengers.


Driving a vehicle with a glass that has been damaged in a way that decreases the capability of the driver to see clearly is a huge safety threat. In some states, it’s completely illegal. Glass repair is normally not recommended if the scratch or crack is within the driver’s line of vision this normally means the surface area covered by glass wipers.


Car windshields are made of 2 layers of glass and if damage penetrates via to the plastic layer or the inside layer of glass, it cannot be repaired and will have to replace. Replacement is also the main recommendation for a car windshield with any sort of damage on the interior layer, even if the external glass layer is intact.


If a car windshield has crack close to the frame, it is likely that car windshield experts will recommend that it be replaced. This is because even little fissures close the corners or edges of the glass can worsen and spread rapidly thanks to the vibrations of the vehicle and added stress as it travels over bumps and dips the road. Cracks situated near the frame also be a safety problem as they undermine the structural integrity of the glass. If this is the case then throw it in the trash and move on.


What does a conveyancer do in New South Wales?

In New South Wales, Conveying covers the lawful and statutory procedure of transferring property ownership from 1 person to another. Conveyancing involves the prep; execution and lodgment of a number of legal papers to able a swift and lawful sale. Usually, there’re 3 stages; prep of sale agreement, the exchange of the agreements and completion.

What does a Conveyancer do in NSW?

Conveying is carried out by licensed experts such as a Bathurst Conveyancer or a lawyer. It is their job to provide solid advice before the sale, prepare the papers and conduct the complete settlements procedure. They work on your side to the advice of any problem which could affect the sale of the property.

Both the purchaser and seller of the property need to employ their conveyancers to represent their part of the legal procedure.

From the Buyer’s Perspective

Lodge and prepare all the legal papers including the agreement of sale, a notice of acquisition, and the complete memorandum of transfer.

The Conveyancer will review the sale agreement and communicate its terms to the buyers.

Attention will be given to:

  • Restrictions
  • Zoning laws
  • Price
  • Settlement dates
  • Special conditions
  • Utility connections
  • Title matters

Once the transfer of the property is drawn up, the buyer will sign the paper. It’ll then be forwarded to the seller’s representatives at least 10 days before the settlement time.

Research the property and check the official document of title

Officials papers might be required especially if the seller’s statement contains inadequate info. The statement needs to be sent to the seller before settlement time. A cross reference of the info from the seller might also be essential.

Search GOVT departments and local officials and calculate adjustments to taxes and rates

In New South Wales, a Conveyancer will supply a cost disclosure statement for standard Conveying process and disbursements including all GOVT and official searches also stamp duty charges.

Act on your side and attend at settlement

The lawyer will represent the purchaser and liaise with the seller and financier. The signed papers will be supplied to the banker. Your lawful representative will ensure that the bank is ready to settle at the moment and has the loan money available by the settlement time.

A fine Conveyancer or lawyer near me or you will keep you informed each step of the way.

Negotiate with the seller’s representative regarding agreement changes and general lawful advice

It’s worth noting that these 2 services might incur additional fees

From the Seller’s Perspective

  • Respond to purchaser requests
  • Prepare the entire legal papers such as the seller’s Statement
  • Communicate with your lender if the land has a mortgage

You might need to locate a Conveyancer before you get to the signing of the agreement phases as the Conveyancer info will need to be present on the buying and selling agreements.

Like real estate brokers, not all Conveyancers or lawyers are made equally. Therefore, you’ll need to make an appointment to visit and confirm they’ve your high interests at heart.

Hate Cleaning Your Carpet? Use a Steam Cleaner

Carpets (and all floors in general) take quite a beating every day. You track outdoor debris through them daily, they catch all the things you drop or spill. Of course, those of you with kids, pets or both know that the mess multiplies exponentially depending on how many of each you have and their size.


You know a steam cleaner is one of the best ways to give your carpet a deep clean; you’ve heard it from plenty of people, but maybe it sounds too expensive or too clunky. We understand entirely, and that’s why we’re going to give you some tips for cleaning your carpet to make your life a little easier.


Regular Cleaning


We don’t mean to insult you with this one. It’s common for people to underestimate how often they should clean or how to get the best out of their vacuum. There honestly are several tricks to vacuuming your carpets that would help you keep on top of dirt.


  1. Vacuum your house one time a week for every person or twenty pounds of pet you have. By this we mean that if you have three people and one cat in your house, you should vacuum three times a week. If you have a forty pound dog and live alone, you should still vacuum three times a week. This’ll help keep on top of dander.


For those sort of regular upkeep we don’t suggest cleaning every part of your home, even under sofas. You should concentrate on areas of heavy traffic. If you have a young child or baby, it may be a good idea to do a quick vacuum every day because little children can eat dust bunnies.


  1. Vacuum horizontally and vertically. Carpet fibres are twisted and will catch small fragments of dirt in them that can’t easily be removed. You should vacuum vertically and then horizontally as it will get at all angles of the fibres. The added benefit of doing this is that it’ll help undo some of the crush damage done to your carpet. What’s crush damage? After a carpet’s been in place for a few years you can tell where the main path is because of the way that the fibres lie flatter than the others.



Spot Cleaning


Sometimes you simply spill something and need to act fast to clean it up before it stains. It’s happened to everyone. Before we go further, we’ll say that spot cleaning only works for fresh stains on a small patch of carpet after something like a food spill. The best way to go about spot cleaning is to:

  • Use a plain white cloth; patterned or dyed rags may transfer dye to your carpet
  • Blot the stain dry with your cloth. Discard this cloth and use a second one for the rest of the process.
  • Use an appropriate carpet cleaner based on the type of stain and the carpet you have. If you’re dealing with bodily fluids you’ll need special cleaners.
  • If the stain is blood, then you should use cold water or hydrogen peroxide if the stain is wet. If it’s dry use a hydrogen peroxide cleaner, followed by an enzyme based cleaner.
  • For pet urine or other animal droppings, so straight to an enzyme based cleaner. If it’s already set use a vinegar-water solution to blot it, then use detergent and water.


You should avoid scrubbing the carpet to prevent wear and tear. After you’ve used the detergent you should use your second clean cloth soaked in water to blot up any remaining suds or mess. Don’t soak the carpet. If you soak the carpet clean through you run the risk of mould developing in the underlayer. Dry the area thoroughly.


Use A Powder Cleaner


By far the easiest way to do a more thorough clean of the entire carpet is to use a powder cleaner. Even baking soda works quite well and it doubles as a deodoriser as well. Here’s the best way to do it:

  • First, do a normal vacuum of your carpet to pick up most of the everyday dirt.
    Sprinkle the powder liberally over your carpet, taking care to hit to neglected corners and crannies.
  • Leave the powder for at least thirty minutes. Leaving it overnight gives the powder even more time to soften up the stains and soak up the smells.
  • Vacuum up the powder when done.


Use Carpet Shampoo


This is similar to the powder cleaner we just mentioned, though with a few downsides. For this method, you will not need a steam cleaner or other equipment.

  • Purchase your carpet clean and follow the instructions to create the right mixture.
  • Cover the carpet in the shampoo but again, do not let it soak too long. It’ll waste detergent and increase drying time.
  • Scrub at any stubborn stains using a white cloth or soft bristled brush.
  • Let the carpet dry.
  • Vacuum up the shampoo.


The main downsides to this method when compared to powder cleaner is that you’ll have to close off the area for much longer in order to let the carpet dry. Wet or damp carpets can catch dirt more easily as well, so if you do need to cross the carpet you’ll have to go barefoot, in socks or wear bags over your feet. It would also be difficult to clean a whole carpet this way without a steam cleaner. We recommend you use it on larger or older stains.




As you can see, keeping on top of a regular vacuuming schedule and doing spot cleaning as often as you can you’ll be able to keep your carpet in much better condition without having to resort to a steam cleaner. However, for exceptionally dirty carpets or very difficult stains, we would still recommend hiring a steam cleaning or a professional cleaning crew to tend to your carpet.


Feel free to contact us for quotes on our services. We offer same day and next day services as well as others.

Hate Crime? Improve your Company Security With Commercial Safes


Many business owners all over the world have implemented commercial safes for their respective businesses, to increase security on their valuable assets. Commercial safes are now the ideal way of protecting any valuable thing a business owner considers to be of importance because it safeguards important properties from burglars, water, fire, or any other accident or incidence that may result in the loss of their valuable property.

Commercial safes over the years have proven to be the most ideal way of protection for business owners. Of course, there are reasons that will make you value them also. So, perhaps you are considering the installation of commercial safes also, here are some advantages you are definitely going to enjoy. Let’s take a look at them…

Easy access to your money

Instead of having to take the money you make to the bank for deposit every day, or leaving them open to theft in your office, you can keep them well secured in a safe that is inaccessible to everyone. While your expectation might be that the cash you make each day is safe from any burglar, what about your staff? A commercial safe secures your cash from anyone you wish to hide it from.

Maximum security for highly valued files and documents

Just as the use of a safe is wide, you should put into consideration the purpose and essence of a safe you would be going for. There are files you will probably need to keep secure for years, perhaps in your office or house, and some you will need to keep for just a few days but are very important. For this reason, the files you need to keep secured for years should be much more difficult to access than the ones you need to keep secured for a few days or weeks before you need them. Commercial safes offer you a lot of options in size, weight, types, and time considerations.

It gives you control over access to certain assets in your company

Improving your company’s security with commercial safes by Houston Safe and Lock gives you alone the access to certain places and assets you wish to restrict everyone else from. Even in your absence, commercial safes give you a rest of mind that everything you’ve left behind is safe; because without you accessing it, no one else can, as most safes come with electronic lock.

The difficulty of moving the safes makes it difficult to be stolen

Apart from commercial safes being difficult to be discovered, they are difficult to be moved due to their usual heavy weight. Most burglars try to move safes they find difficult to open, but the weight is often a challenge. And this is why if truly what you plan to have in your safe is very important, then you should have a heavy one of hundreds or perhaps thousands of kilograms installed. That depends entirely on you.

In business, risk-taking is an option to consider only when investing. Don’t risk what can hurt your company with poor security. Commercial safes are the most reliable options.

Do Tech Companies Use Hate Speech to Filter Political Digital Content?

tech giants shut down free speech


In the last few months of 2018, social media companies have been accused of picking sides and seen as sidelining certain political views and the users who do their very best promote them. Rule changes on Twitter saw many far right accounts shut down.  Mike Cernovich, Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec among many others have had their Medium accounts shut down and any right leaning Youtube channel that covers any of a multitude of topics from 9-11 to moon hoax to flat earth  have all been shut down or demonetized. The biggest name of all among alt-right content creators; Alex Jones’s Infowars YouTube channel, with more than 2 million subscribers was also shut down across all major tech sites on the same day. Some see this as a removal of hate speech, others see it as an erosion of the 1st amendment of the constitution.

At the same time the top trending videos every day on Youtube are often members of the LGBTQ community giving make up tutorials. Most fair minded people regardless of their political views see this a s a political move by the tech giants as a stifling of opposition narratives that could be considered just as much of an election interference as anything Russia did in 2016 but has thus far gone largely unacknowledged by the liberal mainstream media who seem happy to speak out of both sides of their mouth.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump who for the most part has been busy with other issues and not spoken too much about the curation or organic content within the search engine results page has at last began talking about adding pressure to the tech giants plate to ensure equal opportunity is allowed for fair content creators who are trying to win either at content marketing, SEO or social media content across the United States and wider world.

Seems fair to say that until his message has been taken on board and changed to their policies have been made, if you want to rank well on Google in 2019 and beyond, it is probably a good idea to let the content author be a female from a minority group that is left leaning and ideally from an LGBTQ community. More than this, they should be anti guns, anti Donald Trump and certainly offer no support for alt-right conspiracy theories.

How Does One Prevent Violent Extremism And Also Radicalization


 Some terrorist attacks in Brussels actually resulted in some political debates as to how one would strengthen the cooperation of the police across the continent of Europe and if European countries have to improve the prowess of sharing of intelligence. But in some cases we only hear and cogitate just one side of the story, it won’t be beneficial to anyone. In this article, I have looked at some of the more prominent and existing statements which try and stop radicalization and also violent extremism.

In my opinion, it is just not enough to counteract the violent extremism; we have to put in all of our efforts to prevent it altogether. In order to prevent a threat which is driven by some distorted interpretations of the culture and ignorance and also fueled by hatred, we need to make sure that people aren’t propelled in the wrong direction in the first place. When one disarms the process when it comes to radicalization, one must begin by admitting and conforming to all of the rights that a human being has and must also conform to the law by all means. The dialogue that one must put through is that you need to establish the dialogue across all of the boundaries and you should be empowering men and women of all ages and make sure they start up as early as possible.


The UNESCO states have adopted the decision to greaten and enhance the capacity to give some assistance to the United States Of America as the craft up some sharper strategies which help a lot in preventing the violent extremism. They have also committed entirely to the United Nations Secretary-General Plan of Action which helps in preventing Violent Extremism with a great focus on the priorities of the relevance to see if it is direct to the work of UNESCO. This can include the development of skills, education, facilitation of employment, empowering the youth, strategically communicating when required, and also the internet of things which is mainly dominated by social media. Gender equality is also very essential when it comes to the empowerment of women. For so many years, it has been blatant that men have dominated some sections of the community, and in some, they are even paid more than women. It would indeed be perfect if there is gender equality because that is important. Some people misconstrue feminism as females gaining superiority over men, but actually, the real point of feminism is that both genders are equally treated in the eyes of everyone. When there is no partiality and preference, feminism has genuinely won. And that is a great thing indeed.