When should I repair vs. replace my chipped windshield?

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If you’re trying to determine whether it is better to repair the chipped windshield or have the windshield replaced completely, there’re some different factors to consider. The impact that the spoil has on visibility and the capability to safe driving the car is the most vital criteria. Then, the size and depth, location of the chip are also weighed when determining the finest solution is for the damaged chipped windshield.

What is the ideal way to fix my windshield?

It can be tough to decide what the finest way to fix it is; here is the quick guide to help determine the finest course of action for a chipped windshield.

When should I repair vs. replace my chipped windshield?

Can be repair windshield if:

  • Fixing the damage will not decrease the safety of the vehicle in case of collision or impact
  • The windshield crack is shorter than 12” or the chip or bulls eye is smaller than 1”
  • Only the outer layer of the windshield is damaged
  • The chip or crack is not close to the outer margin of the windshield

Should be Replaced windshield if:

  • The glass is damaged to the point that it impairs the car driver’s visibility
  • The crack is longer than 14” or the chip and the bull eyes are bigger than three inches
  • The inside layer of the windshield has also been broken
  • The damage is near or reaches an edge or corner of the glass.

Key factors related to windshield repair vs. Replace


As with all problems in the auto world, safety is the most vital concern. Though it is generally not harmful to drive with a broken windshield for a short space, it’d be repaired/replaced as soon as possible. The glass is engineered as a main component in the framework integrity of the car, but the windshield is weakened by damage. If the car is involved in an accident, a broken glass cannot provide the intended level of safety to the driver and passengers.


Driving a vehicle with a glass that has been damaged in a way that decreases the capability of the driver to see clearly is a huge safety threat. In some states, it’s completely illegal. Glass repair is normally not recommended if the scratch or crack is within the driver’s line of vision this normally means the surface area covered by glass wipers.


Car windshields are made of 2 layers of glass and if damage penetrates via to the plastic layer or the inside layer of glass, it cannot be repaired and will have to replace. Replacement is also the main recommendation for a car windshield with any sort of damage on the interior layer, even if the external glass layer is intact.


If a car windshield has crack close to the frame, it is likely that car windshield experts will recommend that it be replaced. This is because even little fissures close the corners or edges of the glass can worsen and spread rapidly thanks to the vibrations of the vehicle and added stress as it travels over bumps and dips the road. Cracks situated near the frame also be a safety problem as they undermine the structural integrity of the glass. If this is the case then throw it in the trash and move on.


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