How Does One Prevent Violent Extremism And Also Radicalization

Some terrorist attacks in Brussels actually resulted in some political debates as to how one would strengthen the cooperation of the police across the continent of Europe and if European countries have to improve the prowess of sharing of intelligence. But in some cases we only hear and cogitate just one side of the story, it won’t be beneficial to anyone. In this article, I have looked at some of the more prominent and existing statements which try and stop radicalization and also violent extremism.

In my opinion, it is just not enough to counteract the violent extremism; we have to put in all of our efforts to prevent it altogether. In order to prevent a threat which is driven by some distorted interpretations of the culture and ignorance and also fueled by hatred, we need to make sure that people aren’t propelled in the wrong direction in the first place. When one disarms the process when it comes to radicalization, one must begin by admitting and conforming to all of the rights that a human being has and must also conform to the law by all means. The dialogue that one must put through is that you need to establish the dialogue across all of the boundaries and you should be empowering men and women of all ages and make sure they start up as early as possible.


The UNESCO states have adopted the decision to greaten and enhance the capacity to give some assistance to the United States Of America as the craft up some sharper strategies which help a lot in preventing the violent extremism. They have also committed entirely to the United Nations Secretary-General Plan of Action which helps in preventing Violent Extremism with a great focus on the priorities of the relevance to see if it is direct to the work of UNESCO. This can include the development of skills, education, facilitation of employment, empowering the youth, strategically communicating when required, and also the internet of things which is mainly dominated by social media. Gender equality is also very essential when it comes to the empowerment of women. For so many years, it has been blatant that men have dominated some sections of the community, and in some, they are even paid more than women. It would indeed be perfect if there is gender equality because that is important. Some people misconstrue feminism as females gaining superiority over men, but actually, the real point of feminism is that both genders are equally treated in the eyes of everyone. When there is no partiality and preference, feminism has genuinely won. And that is a great thing indeed.